Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis)

Prakruti, or a person’s innate constitution is considered as a subtle manifestation of the universal consciousness. It pulsates through the Nadi (blood vessels) creating a subtle rhythm of life.  

Every cell in the human body communicates with each other continuously, and in this flow of communication, the truth of cellular intelligence is revealed. Through a pulse that traverses throughout the body, one can peek into the secrets hidden among the cells. Proper understanding and interpretation of pulse help one to perceive the dysfunction and the deviation factors leading to the disease manifestation in the body and mind.


  • Dysfunctional factors of the body
  • Emotional Disturbances  
  • Factors that manifest disease  
  • Epigenetic factors influencing health


  • Tridoshas  
  • Sub Doshas  
  • Organ  
  • Maha Dhatus  
  • Dhatus  
  • Meridians


  • Emotional state 
  • Mental State  
  • Mood imbalances  
  • Arishad Vargas